The Perfect 10 – Star Polygon baked mooncake collection

The special 10 points design is to signify the Chinese saying of “Perfect 10”(十全十美) and its our way to wish you, your family and clients – A full moon, full unity of family and full happiness 

Comes in the 2 delicious flavors of 70% Dark Chocolate Custard and Salted Egg White Chocolate Custard, delectably housed in our butter almond pastry crumble shell. The amount of sweetness and saltiness is perfectly balanced and brings out the layers and layers of flavors evenly, so that every bite is sheer delight.

Perfect 10 Star Polygon Mooncake 4 pcs

HK$278.00 Regular Price
HK$208.00Sale Price
  • 70% Dark Chocolate Custard Smell the premium butter even before you bite through its moreish crumbly pastry texture and then welcome that rich chocolatey goodness into your mouth. The 70% signature dark chocolate balances out the sweetness and brings you to chocolate heaven. As the chocolate dissolves in your mouth, you’ll be left with little bits of almond surprises to munch on, even after the last of your mooncake is gone. Salted Egg White Chocolate Custard The challenge was to stay true to our chocolate heritage yet honor the age old irreplaceable delicacy of the Salted Egg. What we have to present to you is not the overly eggy typical egg custard mooncake, but a delicate creamy Salted Egg filling that gives you a velvety, raspish, salty-sweet delight. So, come delight yourself and fall in love again with the timeless Salted Egg, with our little twist.