VERO Chocolates and Artist and Food Designer Ryan L Foote have come together to celebrate the 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival, by creating a special Limited Edition collectible Mooncake gift, that gives you the moon.

Inspired by classic mooncakes and the minimal lunar form, Foote puts a fun contemporary twist on the traditional mooncake. Each mooncake, shimmering and adorned with craters, represents the lunar cycle, with flavors to match and give you the moon. Each beautifully designed and presented within this crafted gift box, filled with artisanal chocolate mooncakes with four delectable fillings, five small lunar cycle chocolates, and collector catalogue.

The Collector Set includes a limited collector edition hand made lunar ceramic plate, each numbered and signed by the artist.

LUNAR Mooncake Collector Set

  • Full Moon: Dark chocolate pandan ganache with coconut truffle full moon center New Moon: Italian hazelnut gianduja and coffee centre with a delightful butter crunch 3/4 Moon: Milk chocolate ganache filled with a constellation of yuzu and mandarin pearls Cresent Moon: Toasted black sesame ganache and tangy raspberry gelee filling 5 Mini Moons: 70% dark, 60% dark, 50% dark, Milk chocolate, White Chocolate

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