To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Our collection this year features 4 unique flavors created with our classic VERO recipes. Unexpected tastes and exotic ingredients that create new and exciting taste sensations.


Hazelnut Crunch

A Rocher ganache filled with blissful milk chocolate, the nutty aroma of roasted, caramelized, crushed, hazelnut praline paste, with an unforgettable crunch from buttery feuilletine crepe bits, covered with VERO’s Signature dark 70% Chocolate


Black Sesame

Roasted black sesame ganache covered in 70% Signature Dark Chocolate.  Let the silky smooth ganahce swirl in your mouth before the rich powdery goodness of the roasted sesame overwhelms your senses.


Italian Coffee
An old time favorite, a perfect balance between the rich aroma of coffee and a hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate. Covered in 70% signature dark chocolate. Complex, subtle, so delicately enjoyable.


Our premium ceremonial matcha green tea white chocolate ganache brings out the bold grassy notes of Matcha, a hint of its roast and a luxurious creaminess that ends with the slightest tinge of bitterness from our 70% signature dark.

Chocolate Mooncake_OLD